Thai Massage

Modern Thai Massage & Hot Compress

An energizing acupressure massage to relieve muscle tension and relax the body, while using hot compress to relieve pain. No twisting or over stretching technique are used.

Back Neck & Shoulder Massage with Hot Compress

A tension release massage to ease away your back neck and shoulder strains, using a cool Thai balm and hot compress.

60 Minutes600 ฿
90 Minutes800 ฿
120 Minutes1,000 ฿

Aroma Oil Massage

Aroma Swedish Massage

A soothing oil massage to relieve stress, tension and aching muscle focusing on your back and calves.
60 Minutes900 ฿
90 Minutes1,100 ฿
120 Minutes1,500 ฿

Aroma Sport Massage

A strong deep tissue massage to relieve tense muscle on your back thighs, and calves.
60 Minutes1,000 ฿
90 Minutes1,200 ฿
120 Minutes1,600 ฿

Face & Head & Foot Massage

Face & Head Massage

A gentle massage combining an Indian head massage technique with a Chinese acupressure facial massage technique to relax your head, upper neck and to ease tension of the eyes.
30 Minutes 300 ฿
60 Minutes 500 ฿

Foot Massage

A relaxing massage on the reflex points of your feet including calves and knees to improve circulation, ease pain, promote an energy rebalancing and to relax the body by using Thai balm and cream mixed with aroma oil.
30 Minutes 300 ฿
60 Minutes 500 ฿
90 Minutes 800 ฿

Facial Massage

Brightening Facial

With a unique combination of specialized products enriched with antioxidants, this facial massage is designed to protect, nurture, and revitalize skin damaged by sun and pollution.

Anti Aging Facial

Treats and Nurtures sun damaged skin. Our unique combination of essential oil and powerful OPC antioxidant mask will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and glowing.
60 Minutes 1,500 ฿

Crystal Massage

Using the combination of warmed color crystals and aroma oil for a fully body massage, this service suits An inner balance by clearing out negative energy while enhancing positive energy for muscle relaxation, relief of stress, and skin stimulation.

Crystal Facial Massage

Facial massage with warm crystals and refreshing water mask for eyes and face nourishment.
60 Minutes 1,500 ฿

Crystal Body Massage

Starts with energy balancing by placing different crystals on each Chakra for ten minutes. Then follows by using warm crystals with a chosen aroma oil for a full body massage
60 Minutes 1,500 ฿
90 Minutes 2,500 ฿

Crystal Facial Massage

Starts with energy balancing by placing different crystals on each Chaka for ten minutes. Then follows by a 60-minute facial massage and a 50-minute body massage using warm crystals with a chosen aroma oil.
120 Minutes 2,500 ฿

Body Scrub

Aroma Salt Scrub

Deeply clean, loosen, and lift away dead skin cells.

Tropical Fruit Scrub

Whitens and firms the skin.

Red Wine Scrub

Antioxidants & Stimulates skins natural collagen and elastin.

After Sun Scrub

Soothes sun burnt skin with aloe vera.
30 Minutes 1,000 ฿
60 Minutes 1,500 ฿

Facial by


  • Make-up remover.
  • 2 times deep cleansing by balancing foam
  • Scrubbing and steaming
  • Remove oiliness and blackheads out by vacuum machine
  • Warm towel
  • Facial massage includes pressure points
  • Facial masking
  • Refreshing towel
  • Eye gel for protecting wrinkles
  • Moisturizing
NOTE: Every type of facial massage follows the same pattern, only different in masks.

Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure 400 ฿
Pedicure 500 ฿
Manicure & Pedicure Set 800 ฿
Nail Change Color Start from 200 ฿
Foot Scrub 300 ฿